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About Me

Hi, Am The Organic Guy and welcome to my world! I envision a world where mankind is living a  healthy and sustainable lifestyle, Organically. I have now made it my mission to ensure you are upto date on information, News and Trends in the organic world, to empower you to make informed decisions with matters regarding organic. As you have probably guessed by now,  I do love what organic is and what it stands for! This love date’s way back to my childhood days when I did gardening with my grandmother who really taught me the art and science of farming. She always insisted that everything is interconnected and how the ecosystem depended on each organism to play its part. But most importantly, she always told me to eat healthy as much as I can! ‘There is NOTHING good with dis-ease! She always told me.

That said, am all about providing you with insights in the organic world to help you make informed decisions when dealing with organic! I readily let you know and review the latest organic products in the market, provide you with information on how the organic markets are shaping up, make sure you are aware of the latest trends and news in the organic world and also empower you with the truths, myths, developments, legislations regarding GMO’s!

Well, I do this through interviewing the major and all the players in the organic industry, Reviewing and analyzing publications and research related to the organic world, Attending all the organic conferences and shows across the world to keep you up to date with all the emerging trends and not to forget the sharing of information with partnerships I have built across the world regarding organics

I do believe that health is wealth. For one to archive this wealth, one needs to follow certain principals to realize this wealth! Interestingly enough, major and most of this principals are in the world of organic. This is why I believe organic does play a key role in nurturing healthy families and healthy environments! It’s time we practiced sustainability over short term gains for it’s through this that future generations will have a chance to thrive and not survive. I envision a world where healthy people are living in healthy environments sustainably. The thought of this is what fuels me passionately! Always remember; You are Differently, Organic!  Cheers!


This is what The Organic Guy is all about!

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